Program Management

Our Senior Managers can help you run a complex program with multiple vendors teams and cross stream dependencies with ease. The independent program management team brings an unbiased, untempered view of program to stake holders. Stakeholders are continuously updated about program status especially targetting any pertinent & impending risk, issues that may impact any release or potential go-live and/or avoid any last minutes surprises.

Architecture Advisory/Review Services

Building a complex program with multiple touch points and multiple applications/services integration OR building a program with offshore vendor for first time. Look no further, our architecture advisory services can help you ensure that program meets your's specs and industry best practices. We can provide architecture, design and/or code review to ensure you get best artifacts that meet all industry best practices.

Performance Engineering

We take emotions out and bring in objectivity, performance, scalability & availability by running performance engineering like a science. Our team can help you predict, profile, verify & plan for peak load in advance. We use performance test tools like Rational Performance Tester, Load Runner, JMeter etc & profiling tools like Dynatrace, JProfiler etc to do application root cause analysis and identify & fix performance bottlenecks.